Preliminary diagnosis is MDS syndrome.

Why the diagnosis is preliminary?

Because for eight months, Ukrainian doctors could not manage to set a diagnosis.He was taken  an infinite number of analyses, carried out several courses of treatment (and not one doctor did it, not from one hospital), and there is still no result.

The diagnosis was actually put by a residual method when they tried to treat from everything that was possible, but it didn’t help.The only option left is MDS.

Actually MDS is a group of diseases, it has different types. To diagnose its type, it is necessary to make a trepan biopsy. It was made, but they couldn’tinvestigate the material. As the matter of factIn Ukraine THERE IS NO PLACEAT ALL they can carry out rather complete and precise research of a marrow after a trepan biopsy. Practicallythey can’t – nominally please, but there is no sense .

Having no result of this analysis, heremains without diagnosis of which treatment depends.

And he needs treatment, because the meaning of illnessis that the organism destroys its own blood cells, fights against itself. It is possibly to live only with constant hem transfusions which bear in itselfa danger of infection with different diseases each time,what is not an exception, but a rule …

His condition worsens, the illness of blood progresses. A blood illness with MDS signs.Still not defined in the concrete diagnosis.

Diseases of blood are treated hard around the world . In the country where it is impossible even to diagnose an illness, it is even more impossible to cure it. And I am afraid very much that there will come a moment when it will be late to do anything…

The country which has the most wide experience in treatment of such diseases is Israel. The Clinic «Medical Center Shiba Tel Ashomer».

The sum necessary for the treatment was defined by consultations with clinics of Israel. All of them without an exception, considered that neither in Ukraine, nor in Russia  normal diagnostics of similar diseases primly doesn’t exist and they insist on the complete inspection to make the precise diagnosis, and then to treat (1 of 10 diagnoses made in Ukraine appears to be incorrect).

The precise plan of treatment which will admittedly include transplantation of stem cells, (and/or ) chemotherapy, (and/or) immunosuppressing therapy, is possible only after the complete diagnostics in Israeli clinic. Preliminary cost of such treatment and diagnostics constitutes about 2 500 000 UAH.